I'm alicia.gomezq, an architect, set designer, and art director specializing in stage projects. I have a strong passion for the performing arts, and I've been dedicated to this field since completing my architecture degree in 2012. Over the years, I've pursued further education through technical and creative courses, workshops, as well as independent exploration, extensive reading, and seeking inspiration within this domain. My main goal has always been to create stage experiences that deeply resonate with the audience.

This journey has led me to explore my creativity and develop unique approaches to conceiving new stage designs. My artistic focus revolves around valuing intuition, elevating visual and spatial dramaturgy, and delving into sensory impulses. As a result, I aim to transcend traditional scenography and costume design by infusing them with their own narratives, making them integral and dynamic elements of the stage.

My multidisciplinary perspective has allowed me to seamlessly blend various artistic disciplines, breaking through conventional boundaries and pioneering fresh forms of expression.

I'm fully aware of the vital role of sustainability in the performing arts. It is our responsibility as creators to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in this field. Therefore, I consider a commitment to ecological responsibility as a cornerstone for nurturing my creativity.

I firmly believe in the power of art as a tool for raising awareness and encouraging societal change. Every artistic creation possesses the potential to convey meaningful messages and prompt contemplation among its audience. Keeping this in mind, I consistently aim to address relevant themes through my work, promoting ongoing dialogue and encouraging a constant reevaluation of beliefs.

I have applied all of these concepts in various projects, including theatrical and dance scenography, costume design, art direction for film and performance, and creations that blur the boundaries between these artistic realms.

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